Workplace Culture / Mental Health / Wellbeing

15th October 2020
New York

Make a Difference Summit US is North America’s conference and exhibition addressing workplace culture, mental health and wellbeing. Bringing together leading employers and experts, the summit will equip attendees with insights and solutions for the changing organization of the 2020’s

Getting to the heart of the challenges our modern workplaces face, there will be a core focus on prevention and creating inclusive cultures that drive performance, whilst looking after human capital. Make a Difference will blend best-practice learning from the brightest minds with the most progressive solutions influencing systemic, positive change in mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing.

Whether you’re just getting started with your workplace wellbeing strategy or you’re moving to the next level of implementation, from C-suite, talent executives, managers to next-generation leadership teams, join 350+ like-minded professionals from across the continent and beyond for collaboration, inspiration and to find the right answers for your organization – now, and for the future.

"A sense of purpose and the ability to be seen and heard as a contributor to an organization is critical to staff engagement. And, engagement leads to innovation and long term sustainability. Consequently, organizations that support the health and well being--the whole of an individual--are far better positioned to win the competition for talent."
Renee Lerche
Former Global Director, Education, Training and Development, Ford Motor Company; President, RS Lerche Associates

"To cultivate real change in workplace cultures around mental health, we must educate and empower the face of organizations: the people leaders. Make a Difference Summit gets it, they are the go to event bringing the most progressive leaders to the stage. Those committed to creating cultures of authenticity and inclusion."
Michelle E. Dickinson
Author, TED Speaker, Mental Health Advocate & Strategist

"In the decade of the 20’s we’re going to face an imperative for “diversity and inclusion” that’s driven by a need to offer greater opportunity and improve business success. The challenge is to create inclusive workplaces that use policy, technology and design to defend the voice -- and health – of these emerging employee groups. The Make a Difference Summit understands this and is making diversity and inclusion central to its agenda."
Dr. Mike O’Neill
Director of Global Research and Workplace Ideation, Haworth, Inc.

"More emphasis needs to be put on showing employees that they belong and are valued - beyond being a number"
Greg Vogt
Market Development Manager, PepsiCo & Active Minds Speaker

" The challenge is to go from good to great…to get to a point where our conversation around the water cooler about our mental health is as common as the water cooler itself "
Paul Farmer
Chief Executive, Mind speaking at the Mad World Summit 2019, London

"You can’t turn around at a big event like this and say we’re really keen to help this and not back it up with some investment."
Ian Stuart
Group Managing Director and CEO, HSBC UK Bank plc speaking at the Mad World Summit 2019, London